A question I have been asked is the same question I would have asked a few years ago.

Why are you using an iPad when you don’t need the larger screen size?

This is a valid question. Or, it was until a short while ago.

IPad verses iPhone

IOS is still just IOS regardless of the device your using really isn’t it? That would be a no. IOS on the iPad has diverged and will probably continue to diverge in future versions. The widgets view on the home screen is the tip of the wedge in a raft of iPad specific features. Of course, picture in picture and snap view have been around for a while and the file browser has made leaps in advancement on both iPhone and iPad form factors in IOS 13 but overall, there have been more tablet related features released in IOS13 than any previous version. With the emergence of the iPad pro keyboard and that increased use of a traditional input method on modern devices has lead developers to add much more support for keyboard commands than has tipically been found in IOS. Also, the iPad that I am using has a fantastic 1tb of storage and the sound out of the four speakers is much stronger and cleaner than on the iPhone.

App layout differences

Apps have more screen space on the iPad and compared to just three years ago, the issue of seeking icons by sliding your finger around the screen has been massively reduced as app developers have become much better at more effectively using the additional screen realestate.

There are apps that are better on the iPad. Ferrite for audio editing has more space for controls and LumaFusion really takes advantage of the extra space. Luma fusion isn’t the easiest to use with Voiceover, but it’s possible with some work. Something more standard is Outlook. I like that the message list is shown on the left and the content of the message is on the right. It takes some getting used to but you can take advantage of that extra screen space on the iPad when using it with Voiceover.

Concluding soon

I will come to the end of these posts soon. So here’s a quick run down of what I’ve explored so far:

I’ll shortly cover the topics of audio and video editing using the iPad.