I Wrote last night about using the iPad as my primary mobile device when on the go. So let’s continue that. I”m going to focus on productivity during a meeting in this post.

I had a meeting scheduled for first thing this morning. In meetings, I tend to use a few different applications. I write notes, I track to do items using the Microsoft To do app and I refer to Email regularly when tracking conversations that were held outside the meeting.

This is all really easily done using the iPad. I used split view to keep notes and To do on the same screen. Then I used the Outlook client to go through Email. The search tab makes this really in Outlook. And unlike in Windows, there’s no lag when searching and there are no weird keyboard commands and tab sequences to jump through. Overall, I foundthis to be a much more efficient way of managing data in and out during that verylong meeting.

It was necessary to pull from information that spans over a year since this particular project was started. I had files stored in Onedrive but again, finding them was easy with the search feature. The fact that One drive also surfaces recently used files to make it easier to find things quickly that you had been working on made it much faster to get what I needed and really gave me a nice sense of having prepared for this meeting because everything I needed was at my finger tips.

The iPad keyboard has also continued to impressed me. Not necessarily the keyboard although, yes, I like it quite a bit, but more that the iPad and app keyboard commands are great. When in Outlook for example, command n creates a new message. Command enter sends it. It really feels like I’m not loosing my desktop shortcuts.

SNext, I’ll write a little about my first attempts at using Remote desktop. But I have a few other things to try first.