Alex asked me a really good question in a comment earlier and when I had a minute I took a second to explore the possibilities.

The first search result hit the jackpot.

Alex’s question was did I have a way of connecting to SQL. He actually asked about MySQL or MongoDB however as I’m not using either of those database servers at the moment as my preference is currently Microsoft SQL, I decided to give this a shot.

The first App I found seems to be perfect for what I would need. My use case would be to navigate around databases and have a nice accessible SQL editor window and nice easy to read results. A bonus would be keyboard command support.

The app is called SQLPro SQL Client and it’s free to get started.

Features that I have checked within the first few minutes of using it are:

  • Browse through databases. Although to get started, I had to tap and hold the database name at the bottom of the screen. This took trial and error.
  • Keyboard command support.
  • Inteilisense for auto complete of database and table names.
  • Accessible results viewer.
  • Must support windows and SQL authentication.
  • Supports saving database connections.

This does everything I need and it’s very fast too. I would like face ID to log into the app but perhaps that is available and I just haven’t found it yet.

Over all, I’m happy with this find. I’m also happy that someone asked the question as now that is in my toolbox and I know that if ever I need to connect to SQL while on the road, I won’t have a problem.