I was going to write about remote desktop access today but I have more research to do before I can write on that topic with any authority. I’m instead going to give a brief note on using the iPad pro in place of a full size laptop while on the bus or train.

The surface book 2 and the XPS roughly occupy the same area on my lap. In terms of typing placement, they both promote similar hand placement. With the surface book 2 however the weight is distributed at the top. This to me led the laptop to feel shaky. The XPS is a 16 by 9 ratio screen so the top of the screen didn’t stick up as much meaningit could be used in more confined spaces where the seat in front jutted out near the top. The Surface book was never really that comfortable to use on a bus or a train.

The iPad pro with keyboard isn’t probably going to be a runner for indepth work when on the bus. Certainly when using the keyboard. For comfortable hand placement, I like to have the device sitting more toward my knees. The angle that the screen then sits at by default is therefore hampered by the seat in front of me. The angle of the seat pushes against the iPad causing the magnetised case away. This is really unfortunate. I tend to do a lot of reading on the bus. I find that dissuing navigational commands through the keyboard is way more efficient often than even using the touch screen so I’m disappointed that the form factor doesn’t work as I had hoped.

On the train though, there is more space. Depending on the seat you choose, you can either grab a table and place the iPad on it or if you have a seat without a table, the iPad is perfectly stable on your knee.

Mary Joe Foley, a journalist that covers all things Microsoft related talks about the concept of “Lapability”. It’s the idea that a laptop will sit on your knee without feeling off balance even when your hands are not on the keyboard. I’m really relieved that the Surface book is lapable. I’ve had the Surface book 1 then the version 2 of that laptop for a few years now. I’ve missed that idea that a laptop should be lapable. I don’t find my self keeping a firm grip of this all the time when traveling. It comfortably sits on my lap. Also, because there’s absolutely 0 heat out of this it’s very comfortable to use.

That’s a long post about traveling with these devices but traveling is something I do a lot of. Using it in these situations is very important to me.