IPad as main computer on the go. – Remote desktop. USB pass through

Jan 14, 2020 | Accessibility, iPad, reviews, Server administration, Technology | 3 comments

My thinking was that what if I could get a USB C to USB A adapter then connect a Jaws authorization dongle into it and remotely authorize Jaws on a system that I was connecting to using remote desktop.

I also thought it could be handy to use my USB key that has NVDA and a few other useful utilities on it.

But unfortunately this was not to be. The remote desktop client made by Microsoft for the iPad doesn’t seem to send USB storage through to remote desktops.

This is another unfortunately a big blow to my use of the iPad. But I have other methods of getting around these limitations. So the exploration of this platform as my computer while on the go is continuing. Certainly for meetings and for reading / writing on the way to and from work has been great with this very small device.


  1. Marcel


    I am also trying to use my iPad as main computer and I‘m also looking for the USB pass through possibility.
    Have you any updates about this? This would be a main change in my usage of the iPad.


    • digitaldarragh

      No. I have no updates. I will look at this again though as Microsoft update this application regularly. They might have changed something. However, I think the route they have gone down is to remap keys on the iPad keyboard so replicate standard Windows keys.

      • De Oliveira Noah

        Any updates?


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