PowerShell script to alert when an object is added or removed from an important group.

Apr 27, 2022 | Powershell, Scripting and programming, Security, Server administration | 0 comments

It’s Thursday at 12:27pm. YOu are sitting in a meeting. Meanwhile, someone has just gained access t o your domain admin group and now has the keys to your companies entire compute platform. But all is not lost. If you have the right alerting in place. Less than five minutes later, you receive an alert to say that the group membership has changed and you can now take immediet action. Saving the world… and your company… from absolute disaster! That’s what this PowerShell script does. Along with lots of checks. For example, let’s say someone get’s in through a back door and start’s messing around with systems. Well, if it doesn’t see the right number of logs in the folder, it starts to get a bit jumpy. That results in an alert as well. Or if the previous logs can’t be read, same thing happens. The world get’s an Email.
So here you go. Have fun with this. I encourage you to add more checks. This is been expanded since I published it to add even more validation to make sure that the script and the infrastructure doesn’t change. But this will get you well on the right road.


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