I really want a way of writing PowerShell and C# when on the iPad. I love this form factor and it’s versatility. But I haven’t found anything yet that does what I want. Not from a lack of trying. My search has lasted over a year now.

VSCode is my IDE of choice these days. There’s a project that will see this being ported to a web based tool. But for the moment it’s not near where I need it to be. Also, there’s that pesky need to be able to run or compile the code. It’s just not going to be possible on an iPad.

But I came across something today called CodeBlitz. It’s only really for client side development at the moment. Javascript type languages and HTML are it’s focus. But I took a look just to see how it behaved. I’m actually very impressed. If coding on an iPad is something your interested, this web based IDE is probably the approach to consider. OF course, this isn’t a new idea. The Arduino IDE transitioned away to a web based interface a few years ago. But still. It’s interesting.

Notice that on the right, the content of the quick test page that I created refreshed in real time? That’s kind of cool.

I was happy to find plenty of very responsive intelisense and movign around the UI was very efficient.

There are a few accessibility issues but they are minor. Namely unlabeled buttons on the top of the editor. Easy stuff to fix.


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