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  1. Catriona
    15 November 2011

    “Caledonia” is not a traditional Irish song at all, it is a modern Scottish Folk song by Dougie Maclean. Caledonia is the Roman name for Scotland.


  2. Dave Conlin
    2 February 2014

    Glad to have found a page with tunes that make me suspect you might be able to help. Way back when I was a young kid (50 plus years ago), I heard an old irish song on the AM radio and have been searching for it ever since. Wonder if you might have a clue? It seems the story line was about a guy who was out drinking late and the wife would not let him back in the house. I can hum some of the melody, but don’t know the words at all, other than I remember a word something like “taddende” and the line in the chorus that was repeated a few times “… Oh let me in the sane necht, sane e, e necht…” It has always stuck in my memory as a happy tune, but I have never found any sign of what it might be. Would really appreciate any tips.


    • Kris
      5 August 2014

      I’m looking for one too…wonder if it’s the same? The song I recall has a section where no words are but it becomes upbeat with many note fluctuations…everyone in the bar hums along. It’s been performed on guitar. I’ve spent hours searching but have no leads, no luck. It’s so incredibly catchy, I’m astounded that I can’t find it. This wordless chorus section is the most popular part of the song. Any help would be appreciated.

      I loved the playlist in this site…..love me some U2!!!


  3. Cyril Wilkinson
    2 December 2014

    There should be on here the lyrics of a good song by Joe Monks called ”The Ireland Of Tomorrow” released as a single by an Irish outfit called Dennis Bowler & the Sunvalley Boys from Kerry. in 1972. which reached in August that year, No.6 in the Irish Top 20. Cyril Wilkinson Carnew, Co. Wicklow.


  4. Aran
    5 December 2014

    hey, I dont supose the song ye are looking for is “seven drunken nights”? It sounds close to the discription but not sure hope this helps 🙂


  5. Maggie warnock
    11 December 2014

    I have no luck finding the lyrics for a song containing the following words: Where are you going, What are you doing? Tell me your name says I. Lift up your head my bonnie wee lass . Dinna you be so shy


  6. steven o dalaigh
    15 December 2014

    I think the song you are looking for is seven drunken nights famously sung by the Dubliners.


  7. Anne
    10 February 2015

    I’m looking for an Irish song about returning to donegal….it starts like this…it seems Ike only yesterday I sailed from donegal……then it finishes with “and now that I’m going again back to dear old donegal my friends will meet me on the pier and greet me with a smile …..” ….”meet hannigan, lanigan Duffy McGuffey malackey Malone…..something like this….I do not know the title but would love to get the lyrics. Thanks.


    • Kate
      5 March 2016

      Did you ever find that song? I am looking for it too!


  8. Christopher starrs
    2 March 2015

    I’m looking for a tune with the words ” on the motorway just the other night I saw a star glittering to my right” I thought it was sung by Paddy Reilly?…


    • Kevin Ryan
      21 November 2015

      Christopher the song your looking for is A Prisoner’s Christmas by The Irish Brigade


  9. Paddy Ryan
    25 March 2015

    Nice selection of good songs I like thanks a million


  10. Paddy Ryan
    25 March 2015

    Nice selection of the songs I like thanks a million


  11. Adrian
    25 March 2015

    Dirty Old Town is not an Irish song. It was written by Ewan MacColl about Salford.


    • Annette
      9 March 2016

      Half this list is non Irish . ….. .and Awkward Annie ????? Ms Rusby is definitely NOT on the spectrum . Caledonia – the clue is in the title . I could go on 😡😡


  12. Mike
    17 May 2015

    Guys – what a useful site. My mother is 83 and came out with a string of words from an Irish / Gypsy song. ‘O how could a poor gypsy maiden like me ever …..’ Not much to go on but can anyone put a title to the song. It would bring her much pleasure.

    Many thanks


    • Carl
      19 April 2017

      Here are a few more words that might help your search ~ good luck
      “Oh save my life, my pretty fair maid …. Oh can a poor gypsy maiden like me. Ever hope the proud bride of a noble to be.


  13. Lee Gibson
    4 November 2015

    I am looking for a song that my mum used to sing when i was a wee girl. all i can remember about it is that it was about a mum and her baby out in the snow, and the only lyric i remember is “the babys toes and fingers were frozen to the ground”. any help in finding this song would be greatly appreciated thank you


  14. Kairi Gainsborough
    23 January 2016

    The lyrics to some of these songs are really interesting. I had no idea what to expect when I came across traditional Irish folk music. I really wish I knew the tune to some of these songs, like Awkward Annie. It sounds like a love song that is meant to be funny, but I bet hearing the tune would make the meaning more clear.


  15. Tammy
    16 March 2016

    I’m actually looking for a song with the lriycs woke up this morning with broken hair.

    If anyone knows this song please let me know. I heard it the night before St Patrick’s day. So I assume it’s an Irish song.

    I will also let you all know if I find h songs you’re looking for.


  16. Angie
    18 March 2016

    The song about the Creole girl and Lake Ponchartrain must not be Irish. That’s Louisiana through and through 🙂


  17. Jack Juhasz
    3 April 2016

    I’m 71, and my gram was a Mcgregor. Listening to the Cleveland ,Oh radio 1420 am. The Irish station, Tears in my eyes. Bless all of you !


  18. Susan
    23 May 2016

    Love the banter,glad to be able to read the lyrics as I can’t always decipher the words when sung.


  19. Brenda Murphy
    13 July 2016

    I really hope you can help me, I’m looking for the words of an Irish song about every cottage having a table, I heard it once but can’t find it again. It’s driving me crazy searching for it. Thanks for the hard work put into this site.


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