Fáilte go dtí DigitalDarragh.com

Listen to a very quick introduction to DigitalDarragh.

Hay. How’s it going? Darragh Ó Héiligh is my name. As chance would have it, you’re on my website. DigitalDarragh was a name given to me a few years ago by a friend who thought the name really suited. It does and for that reason, it’s stuck. When I go to technology events I’m generally introduced as DigitalDarragh and it’s been known to happen that people who recognise me from this website have introduced themselves and referred to me as DigitalDarragh even in the most non-technical of places as well.

So, what’s this all about? My answer? I’ve no idea. This Website has been many things over the years. From a project in college demonstrating data driven websites using Microsoft Access and ASP to a community driven blogging platform and later to a single blog, this website has just about done it all. This latest incarnation is more of a personalised open house. Everyone is invited but it’s my house so I’ll decorate it any way I want to. Since late 2010, the house got a cleanup. It’s now airy, relaxing and a little bit on the modern side. The house is decarated using dark tones with pronenant parts standing out using high contrasting colors with should therefore be very easy to read and should have very little glare. Ok. Enough with the house analagy for the moment. 🙂

If you are on a mobile phone such as a Blackberry, iPhone, Android or HTC to name just a few, the site will look different. A customized mobile theme is selected for you to ensure the site is easy to navigate on smaller screens. Of course, if you don’t like how the page looks on your phone, just scrole down to the bottom of the page to find the button to toggle this alternative theme.

There are currently four rooms in the house excluding this, the entrance hall. Feel free to look around. The door way to each room is located on the right.

The first stop on our little tour is the Diary room. Known in techy circles as a blog, this is littered with my thoughts, ramblings, musings and technical and musical explorations. The blog has evolved over the years and is now a vlog or (video blog) as well. The video above explains the idea behind this in more detail. It’s always great when people read, listen and watch the entries that I post to the diary room and share their thought’s so go on over. Your contribution is what makes it worth while. Without you, I’d just be talking to myself!

The second stop on our tour is the computer room. This is the place for all my technical junk. If I create jaws scripts they’ll be in there, if I do something with the Linux operating system, you’ll be sure to find it in there, If I explore a new application for Windows it will be written about in there, if I buy a new mobile phone, you’ll find a mention or review in there and if I dabble in a bit of web development you’ll find my frustrations in there too. This is my pile of technical junk that I’m leaving for others to look at. I’m really into technology. Most of my time is spent sitting in front of a computer so expect most of what this site provides to be of a technical nature of some sort or another.

The next stop is down the hall and turn right. It’s actually an entirely different house really although it looks the same. It can be found at www.DarraghOHeiligh.ie but escentially, it’s the music room. This place is cool. Littered with pictures, recordings and videos, it’s a hive of multimedia activity. I play the Úilléann pipes, the Bodhran and the tin whistle. No, not at the same time… I play with a number of different bands but I also enjoy playing sessions and solo. I regularly tour around Ireland and Europe and have most recently played in the north of Italy with the Willin Fools, a band based in Dundalk, Co. Louth. The Music Room is where you should go if you have any interest in Irish Music. It’s been spruced up recently so go on over and have a look.

The final stop on our tour is my room. This contains some personal stuff. You’ll find a few cool pictures, some stuff about me, not necessarily interesting, I will warn you and you’ll also find information about my previous Guide dog, a golden retriever Labrador cross called Freddie.

I’ve some room to the side of me to expand quite a bit so if you aren’t impressed or intrigued by the house as it stands, maybe drop me a letter through the post box and I’ll see about extending.

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