Create a fresh shuffled playlist on your NAS every day.

Jul 8, 2022 | Linux, Scripting and programming, Smart home, Technology | 0 comments

Here’s what I needed:

I have a huge amount of music and for some reason, I just like it to play shuffled. When I hit play on the Sonos, I just want it to randemly go through and play the music on the NAS. This actually works beautifully on the Sonos. It doesn’t really need this. But I@m working on something interesting using HomeAssistant at the moment and it doesn’t support the simple requirement of playing all music in a folder. IT requires a playlist.

I already have a Linux server so each day at 3am, when everyone is in bed, a script will run to recreate and re-shuffle the playlist. So when new music is added, it will get added to the playlist and the order is always different.

first of all, put this in /etc/cron.daily but obviously, replace the parts in [] brackets to match your own values.

Okay. you have that file created?

Now set permissions on it using chmod 755.

Finally, add something to your crontab for each day at 3am. First, open crontab by typing crontab -e then press enter.

That’s all there is too it.


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