BoseS1 Pro – Can not update firmware

Apr 20, 2021 | Music, reviews, Technology | 0 comments

I have had a Bose S1 since they came out around 2018. I have used this in small gigs very regularly. But it has always just worked. So there was no need to ever update the Firmware. However, because it’s looking like gigs will be out doors for the foreseeable future and the Sonos S1 Pro has a 6 hour battery, I decided that two speakers were better than one. Off I went to my local stockest and purchased another. However, I quickly found that it wasn’t possible to link them both using Bluetooth as the old speaker had never received a firmware update. Connecting the speaker to the computer was fruitless. No connection was detected. Connecting the new speaker worked so I knew that there was obvilusly something wrong with the old speaker. A quick search online showed me that there were indeed defects in the 2018 early models. The overwelming responses recommended that the speaker was sent back to Bose for repair.

I called Bose, explained the problem and they booked it in for a repair. First though, they tried to charge me 150 Euro because the speaker was three years old. I firmly told them that this wasn’t going to be acceptable as I had forum posts prooving that this was a known problem. After escalating my demand they finally agreed. That was just 3 weeks ago.

I sent the speaker away and was informed that it would be at least 6 to 8 weeks before I would get it back. But three weeks later, here it is. Working perfectly.

I love the Bose products. I have the S1 Pro, the L1, the QC30 and the QC 65’s. But now I can also say that I’m quite impressed by their support as well.

Of course, I just had to test the stereo sound in my home office earlier.

Shows the two Bose S1 Pro speakers on floor stands in front of a wall.


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