NVDA keyboard command modification for the review cursor.

Jan 14, 2021 | Uncategorized | 0 comments

There is absolutely nothing wrong with the NVDA keyboard commands by default. But I had a little say in how Orca’s keyboard commands work in the terminal a very very long time ago and I thought it always suited really nicely. To be clear, when I said that I had a say, I mean that I was vocal in my opinions as to how it would work. The implementation was by people who worked for Sun at the time such as Bill, Peter and many others who knew a hell of a lot more about how this worked than me. Sorry. I’m getting off track yet again. I like the way Orca handles reading the console and that’s primarily where I need the review commands in NVDA so I like to replicate the functionality. However, every time I reinstall NVDA I go through the process of recreating my keymap manually. This is a huge waste of time. So for the future Darragh who wants to grab this quickly, here you go. You can thank me later.

review_nextLine = kb(laptop):nvda+o
review_previousLine = kb(laptop):nvda+u
review_nextCharacter = kb(laptop):.+nvda
review_nextWord = kb(laptop):l+nvda
review_currentLine = kb(laptop):i+nvda
review_currentWord = kb(laptop):k+nvda
review_previousCharacter = kb(laptop):m+nvda
review_previousWord = kb(laptop):j+nvda
review_currentCharacter = “kb(laptop):,+nvda”


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