Checking Covid-19 national test result figures

Jan 2, 2021 | Scripting and programming, Technology | 0 comments

I don’t really like just relying on news papers and online media for information. especially when it’s as important as trends relating to the spread of Covid-19. So I’m working on some very simple PowerShell scripts to get the information from the HPSE. Feel free to grab this and add it to something more interesting. It is just the very basics at the moment but it’s a nice way of finding out what happened on a given date or a given location.

$RawCovidTestData = invoke-RestMethod
$TestFeatures = $RawCovidTestData.Features
$TestResults = $TestFeatures.Properties

2021/01/01 11:00:00+00
$TestResults | Where-object {$_.Date_HPSC -eq '2021/01/01 11:00:00+00'}

$CovidByCounty = invoke-RestMethod
$FeaturesByCounty = $CovidByCounty.Features
$CovidCountyDetails = $FeaturesByCounty.Properties
$CovidCountyDetails | Where-Object {$_.CountyName -eq 'Louth'}


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