Christmas 2020. Not that different really.

Dec 26, 2020 | Christmas, Personal, Podcasts | 0 comments

Invariably, Christmas ends every year and the topic of conversation turns to that annual question:

So how was your Christmas?


Grand. Quiet as usual.

So really, every Christmas is usually quiet. Especially when you have a young family. So really, this blog post is no different to a post that would be recorded any other year. We cooked and cleaned, the hcildren played with their toys, we called to family and although we stood outside, we still got to do what matters. Show them that they were considered during Christmas.

I don’t usually record a blog post over Christmas. But I wasn’t happy with the mono audio captured on Christmas eve. I was very frustrated to find that the microphone switched back to using mono after the first recording. I certainly didn’t configure that. I shouldn’t need to check the settings before every recording but I think i’ll need to get into that routine.


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