Chair walks.

Oct 22, 2020 | New guide dog The Chief 2020 | 2 comments

Emma came up with the name chair walks for these pictures that I’m taking. Speaking of Emma, she arranged all of the photo’s today. I took hundreds of them from different angles and she picked out a few that actually didn’t show my feet, or someone elses feet. :). Seriously, I modify the angle that I hold the phone at several times for each shot and she picks the shot that actually turns out right. She is really busy making things right now so I appreciate her time on this.

Come with me for another walk through Drogheda today. This morning the route was very different. I also used a different lense on the iPhone. It’s the 18 mm lens from Moment.

At the top of Mary’s street looking toward Gerard’s church
Steps to the old school house.. Someone said this could be an album cover.
The famous Millmount tower. Fondly refered to locally as the cup and saurcer. Or in Drogheda, the cup and sawsaw.
Autom is starting to show.
Going from the Dublin Road to Shop street
Looking over the Boyne toward Scotch hall.
More churches in Drogheda.
This junction is usuall packed with people. Today it’s just traffic unfortunately.
Bad timing!
The dominating land mark in Drogheda’s golden quarter mile.
It was a lot quieter here today.
Personally, I actually love all the hills in Drogheda. It makes the walk enjoyable.
Looking toward the council offices on Fair street. Where all the really really really important work get’s done.
I don’t know why I bothered taking this one. I suppose I took a picture from the other angle yesterday so I thought, why not. This is the least interesting corner / junction in the town. I don’t know what I was thinking.
ON nearly every street in Drogheda the old is mixed with the new.
Looking at Clarkes, one of the oldest pubs in Drogheda. Carberry’s is the oldest I think.
I managed to catch the dog while working again. Delighted with that.
This is a really lovely quiet area.
I think Kaiser loves this part of the walk. He knows I have no idea how to find the paths around htis area so he loves taking the initiative.
Just like that, we are out of John Paul Court and back to the busy north road.
Joe Reid runs Floor Style, a shop just to the left.
By this point, Kaiser is thinking “Ah come on dArragh! There’s no foot paths!!!”
Looking over at the Coffee box in the Fair green. I must pay this place a visit soon.
Fair green. It’s a busy spot in the centre of town but most people never go in here.
Imagine having to travel to work in the morning? I feel very fortunate at the moment.
There’s a park down there. Not like our children will get to use it much now until next year some time unfortunately.
I wasn’t really expecting this picture to work out. I’m glad it did.
Traffic around Drogheda is mad today but it’s light here for some reason.
I must find out more about this place.
I didn’t even know this path way at the bottom of the hill existed until earlier this year.
This is a really nice quiet area to walk through.
A horse lives in on the left. It regularly sticks it’s head over the gate to get some attention.
Lots of happy children in that school this morning as we walked by.
Delighted I got some pictures from Kaiser’s perspective today. I had been trying to do this for ages!
Probably thinking, “When are we finally going home?”
And just like that we are back on the main road and the tranquility is gone.
Emma said, “I didn’t know that Guide dogs came with a hinge! :). Kaiser is playing after a hard morning of work.


  1. Ian

    Darragh some nice shots, also the emptiness of the city !! Look forward to some more ‘ chair walks” as I bounce of my 4 walls… thanks to Emma too

  2. Torie

    That was a lovely virtual walk. Thanks for the descriptions of the photos. I’m glad you and the pup are working out too. I was getting worried when there were no posts about him.


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