Come walk with me.

Oct 21, 2020 | New guide dog The Chief 2020, Personal | 0 comments

A few of my posts lately have been a bit negative maybe. So let me change things up a little. Come for a little walk with me around Drogheda. I walk about 5km every morning before work. Today took me a little further than usual. We walked just over 6.5km just because the mood took me and it was a very mild morning.

I have included pictures of most parts of this morning’s walk. I forgot to take a pictures of a few places but you will still have a few nice places to look at.

I tend to try to pick routes that take me off the main roads to areas that are a little quieter. The morning walk for me is a way of getting myself ready for the day. It’s hard to do that when the accompanying sound track si a constant din of noisy traffic.

A tranquil spot that is just a stones throw away from the middle of town.
Very steep steps into the Dale.
It’s so nice and quiet here.
Sometimes going under this, I feel like I’m playing chicken with the traffic that is queueing at either end trying to agree who is allowed to move next.
I love this part of the walk. It feels like I’m walking a path a little less traveled. Although hundreds of people going to school every day probably use it as well. 🙂
I like listening to the sound of Drogheda waking up from this vantage point. It gives me a kind of disconnected calm. Knowing that all that activity is across the river.
I went down this on a scooter before. It didn’t end well. 🙂
Visit to see this come to life.
When I was very young, I lived on this road.
This was a very hard road to cross.
This part of town was always a dead spot. But over the past 10 years, it has been integrated very well.


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