NVDA really coming up in my opinion.

Oct 19, 2020 | Accessibility, Android, reviews, Server administration, Technology | 2 comments

I’m so impressed by NVDA at the moment.

  • It works really nicely with VSCode
  • It’s working really well with the new Terminal UWP app
  • It’s very responsive
  • I like the sound effects and to replace speech.
  • It’s settings interface is really efficient
  • The Plugins repository is absolutely fantastic.

There are a few things stopping me using it right now.

  • I need remote desktop access out of the box
  • I’m nervous about pressing escape to get out of forms mode / get back into browse mode. Sorry. I’m mixing my terms. I also know that I can probably re-map this but I try to use it with the default keymap.
  • This is my own fault, but when in the terminal, it seems less efficient to copy and paste text when using the review cursor. Again, this is probably down to my inexperience with the application.

There is an NVDA remote add on available. But it’s not working with my current configuration while working from home as I’m using several machines with different VPN / routing configurations and as a result, although it get’s a connection, I never hear speech. I don’t have time to investigate further.

Oh, I also wish NVDA would not give me so much information when arrowing around message lists in Outlook. But that’s probably personal preference as well.


  1. Jack Falejczyk

    Unicorn DVC for NVDA is available if you want RDP access. It is a modified NVDA Remote with DVC support. Per-user license is around $350.

    • digitaldarragh

      Hopefully there is a trial. Assuming it works as expected, this will definitly be on my to buy list.


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