I’ve been testing a lot with getting different audio and video from the iPhone and the iPad. This very short video shows you what I’m currently using for mobile video capture.

My aims:

  • Accessibility. The iPhone camera does a lot if not all of the focus, colour balance, colour correction etc automatically. Of course when Emma is recording video, she can use Filmic pro to set all this stuff manually.
  • Easy to use. The Gimbal really helps me to make sure the phone is straight. It also slows down my hand motions to make the phone movements more aceptable to people watching the video.
  • The 18mm lens. This increases the field of view in the video so if I’m not quite pointing the phone in the right direction, the extra viewing angle will help.

This video was shot on an iPhone and it was edited on an iPad. I’m also uploading the video using WordPress on the iPad.