It’s brilliant. Nothing has gone terribly wrong lately so I haven’t had much to write about here. The servers hosting the various website including this site, Ceol FM, Music at the Gate, Computer Support Services and others has been up and running now for a few days short of two months with no major problems. I hope I’m not going to publish this to find that the whole thing has just fallen on it’s face but so far the new system is running really well. All the work to get it into production has payed off.
The most recent and major undertaking that has been completed is the launch of the brand new Ceol FM streaming service. This entirely new version of Ceol FM is built from the ground up to bring features that are specific to people who want to listen to traditional Irish music such as:

  • Browse by album or artist
  • Search by track, album and artist
  • Filter by instrument, tune or song, genre or mood
  • Create custom playlists and save them for future use
  • There are thousands of tracks to choose from

The old streaming service is still available too but now it’s encrypted! IF you’re in to that kind of thing. I don’t suspect many people will care about having their music encrypted as it’s in transport but hey. Who am I to guess such a thing.