My opinion doesn’t matter a damn of course. But I’m going to write it here anyway.

You install Linux, log in and the first thing you will need to do is find out the IP address your DHCP server has given it so what do you type?


The last thing you expect to find is that the command has been deprecated. If Microsoft did something like this I would be a bit miffed as well. Why change core commands. Okay. ifconfig wasn’t maintained and ip has more functionality so why not just branch ifconfig and add that functionality in! I know. That’s a very simple opinion to have but ifconfig is used on Unix and several spin ofs so why the hell would Debian decide to remove it completely. same with netstat and route! It just seems stupid and crazy to me.

I don’t mind learning about ip. But it’s such a core command. I shouldn’t need to think of what distribution I’m in when I’m deciding the command that I’m going to use just to check an IP address.

You can read more about the deprecation of ifconfig in this Server fault forum thread.