I bought this Samsung television a week or so ago with no expectation that it would be accessible to me at all. I went for the 6th generation 49 inch QLED model as it is a good balance between functionality, modern technology and price for what my family want it for. I was therefore amazed when with a bit of digging through the menus,, accessibility options were found that enabled a fully functional screen reader called Voice Guide. This provides great access to most apps and all built in features of the smart television. It’s nothing less than remarkable and in addition to highlighting this here, I have also sent a letter of thanks to Samsung for this great innovation.

Watch this quick and dirty video for more details:

Please note: There’s a problem with displaying the video at the moment. I’m working on it. For the moment please open the video in full screen to view it properly while I figure out what’s wrong.

There’s a good article about this on the Samsung website