OneNote, FlashNote, Sticky Notes, Outlook notes and Ever Note are great applications However, if you have privacy concerns and or you are Blind and depend on assistive technologies, these applications probably don’t give you the usability, security and mobility that you need.

If you are interested in this application, please Email me. If I don’t get enough interest, I won’t write it.

A note taker should do the following:
• Open really quickly and allow you to take a note right away.
• Save automatically.
• Securely and reliably upload to the cloud.
• Allow you to retain ownership of your notes.
• Give you a way of downloading your notes so that if you ever want to move to something new, you have a way of bringing your notes with you.

The note taking application that I propose to create will provide the following features:
• Encryption of all notes before they are uploaded by the client. Each note client will use a custom cert along with a custom password so that your notes can only be decrypted by you.
• Hash tags. Tag your notes with keywords so that you can find notes that have words in common. For example, if you are referencing an upcoming holiday and you want to refer to your flights. Use the #Flights2016 tag so you can quickly jump to all mentions of that tag.
• Notes will be in a tree structure. Create sub notes to group notes relating to a particular topic.
• Search for any word contained in all notes.
• Quickly create a note based on the current date and time.
• Quickly minimise to the system tray.
• Open links by pressing enter on the link or by clicking it.
• Autocomplete using IntelliSense for hash tags.
• Share a note by Email.
• Download all notes as CSV.
• For the next version: Create reminders based on a note.

The cost of this application will be €15
The initial version will work on Windows but I’d like to look at a cross platform client eventually.