We are christening our son Rían today.
Yes. We’re a bit late. He was born ten months ago.
IT’s not all our fault though. Since getting Méabh Christened two short years ago, our local church has created a maze of red tape to get through before they would let us finally arrange a date. Then, of course. With completing major work on the house back in December and January, we were a bit distracted at the start of the year.
Rían is coming along great though. He’s cruising around furniture and walking independently with anything he can push around the floor. Chairs, the dog, toys. He’s using everything to stay upright the cutest is when he props up against the dog food for large breeds bag and it towers over him!
Like with Méabh before her Christening, I took Rían out of the house this morning to have a word with him. It was the usual kind of thing. Try to be good today, don’t pull anyone’s eyes out, try not to scream too much. I think he understood. Well, I’ll assume that’s what the repeated head-butts meant.
So to everyone reading this blog who is coming, I hope you have a very enjoyable day.