Baby wearing is basically caring a baby or toddler in a sling or more accurately, a carrier. Being Blind, I can’t use a buggy.  It probably wouldn’t end well for me.  IF I pushed it in front of me, the dog wouldn’t be able to see where I was going  as of course, the buggy would obstruct his view to the right.  Pulling a buggy behind is possible but not particularly comfortable in my opinion.  It wouldn’t be all that safe for someone like me as well as I tend to walk quite fast.  Also not all the crossing points in the areas that I live and work in are dished so there can be quite a large step between the road and the path.  This can pose a bit of a challenge when pulling a buggy behind you. 

Slings come in all shapes and sizes.  Woven,  buckle  and combinations of the two are the most popular.  I tend to prefer  vuckles for convenience but in my opinion, wovens are certainly more comfortable for long walks.  

Carriers or slings depending on who you’re talking to are all about personal preference and taste.  I was lucky enough to know some people who got me started.  Then I got talking to people who specialized in consulting on the best slings for each person.  These baby wearing consultants as they are called are a great resource to teach you how to comfortably and quickly get the baby up into the sling.  This might sound easy but depending on the size of the baby and the position you want to cary them in, it can be quite difficult to figure this out independently.  Especially if you cant see the various instructional videos on Youtube. 

There are other much better sources to learn about baby wearing so I won’t go into much more detail than that but if you have any questions please let me know.  I’d be more than happy to help if I can.  

The below video shows me carying two babies. One two year old toddler on my back and one eight month old baby on my front.