I’ve done it!

Seven days. One week of no meet, dairy or any other product made from animal products.

Thanks to Jenny from Paws for thought for suggesting this.

This challenge fulfilled the objective of looking for thirty challenges for 2016. It’s to force me to try something that I’ve never done before and maybe expand my mind a little bit.

The podcast that summarises this week is here. I@m sorry I didn’t keep blogging every day but I’m out of the habbit of doing this and some nights I’ve just been too tired.

Listen to my Vegan week challenge podcast. Special guest: Emma.

Actually, I wonder if this tiredness has been related to the Vegan challenge. Come 9PM I’ve been falling a sleep. I could be doing some work or relaxing in the living room but when it reaches the end of the day I cant function any more.

Maybe someone could comment to suggest if this is a possible cause?