Jenny is to blame for the following posts.
She’s turning 30 on Thursday. Wish her a happy birthday in the comments or over at her blog. To mark this she wants thirty challenges for the next year. I became very interested in this and stole the idea a few weeks ago.

Since then people have given me a number of suggestions such as

  • Learn to use a compass and read a map. Using some kind of accessible method.
  • Clime Croke Patrick and play a tune at the top.
  • Knit a granny blanket.
  • Make finding a basketball hoop accessible to someone who can’t see where it is.
  • Eat vegetarian food only for one week.
  • Learn a tune on the fiddle
  • Play music for 24 hours solid.

There’s more but I’ll give more detail in the next week or two.

I love all of these suggestions and where possible, I’m taking them to a slightly new level. For example, I’ve heard a lot about veganism in the past few weeks so instead of just eating vegetarian for a week I’ve decided with the help of Emma to go all out and try a vegan diet for a week.

This week I’ll explain some of what this will inhale.

As those who know me will understand, I love meet. Chicken, stake, some fish, pork, it’s all good. Having no milk or dairy products or in fact, no products based on animals at all will be a shock to my system. However, I think it’s an important exercise and challenge so I’m up for giving it a go.

The following posts will explore my vegan week in more detail. Look at the 30 challenges in 2016 tag for more.