Error updating iPhone. IOS problems.

Jan 14, 2016 | Technology, Uncategorized | 3 comments

I’ve had problems updating my iPhone from IOS9.1.1 to IOS9.2 since it was released in the middle of December.

I’ve tried the usual fixes:

  1. Updating from the iPhone as normal. This fails just after verifying the update.
  2. Updating from iTunes. This fails trying to create a backup. IT always says there isn’t enough space on my 2TB hard drive that’s about 50% free.
  3. I even resorted to resetting to factory defaults and installing the update before restoring from an iCloud backup. This gave the same errors as before.
  4. Obviously this is after various resets and trying from different wireless and wired networks on different Internet connections.
  5. I’ve even tried changing my regional settings to see if it was something related to my connectivity to an Irish update repository.

Today I’m trying something different. I’ve downloaded the firmware for IOS9.2 and I’ve restored using that IPSW file using iTunes.

Of course this is going to wipe the iPhone again but restoring from an iCloud backup using Doulci activator will get everything back as it was. Excluding WiFi, Email and social network passwords for some reason.

This is the first time in about six years that I’ve had problems with an IOS upgrade. It’s quite frustrating and disappointing.


  1. Dominique

    Darragh in the year that I’ve my 4S I’ve never encountered a problem updating the latest update. Try Re-Setting the phone again, which is the first option in Re-Set which puts the entire phone back to it’s factory default settings, although unfortunately doing this means that you will have to configure all your settings all over again, but your contacts and any media remain the same and aren’t touched in the Re-Set. Also Re-set your Home-screen, this re-sets the home-screen to it’s factory default settings. You could also try re-booting the phone again by holding down the home-key and the power button for a few seconds. This was recommended to me by Apple.

  2. DigitalDarragh

    Dominique, I’m glad to see you’re still reading this site. I hope you’re keeping well. It’s great that you’re finally using the iPhone. I remember not so long ago that you had major misgivings about moving to a touch screen device.

    Let me assure you I’ve tried everything you’ve suggested… And More.

    Thanks for continuing to visit this site.

  3. Dominique

    No problem at all Darragh, I enjoy it all immensely! Congratulations on fatherhood second-time-round! Happy New Year! Yes I remember that too! How times change!


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