Technically Emma is 40 weeks and 4 days through the pregnancy. I say technically because it would seem from a little research that doctors get it wrong more times than not when predicting the due date. So, although we’re a little anxious, frustrated and impatient, we’re not at all concerned that we’re still waiting for wiggles to arrive. Yes. Wiggles. It’s the name I’ve given the baby since around thirteen weeks. You’d understand if you had felt some of the movements I’ve felt.

We have names picked of course. We’ll not be writing them here just yet.

\I actually wasn’t going to blog about much of this because it’s a very private thing however, as has been pointed out to me, some people use video, some use photographs and others use audio. I tend to use written accounts of things that happened years ago to bring back memories. So, I’m going to write from time to time here with an update. If it’s of interest to you I’m delighted. If not, Tuff.

Pregnancy is absolutely amazing isn’t it? From talking to friends for years who have gone through the beginnings of fatherhood, I had this idea that pregnant women were hormonal, hard to live with and very volatile. I couldn’t have been any more wrong. Emma has been fine throughout the entire thing. Of course, she has had her up’s and down’s but I really have to say that she has handled it all brilliantly. She’s exercised when needed, she’s eaten and drank properly and she has followed every piece of advice that the doctors have given her.

I really never knew or understood anything to do with pregnancy before. Of course, like most people, various women have grabbed my hand and insisted that I feel their stomach when their unborn baby was having a bit of a dance but I was far too uncomfortable with that to actually grasp the gravity of it. It’s amazing when you consider the transition. Seven months ago, I started to feel the bump form. Then I felt tiny little movements that felt more like vibrations. Then I felt the kicks. It’s been incredible. No, that word is too used. It is actually nothing less than awesome to feel a life evolve. I’m a little jealous of women as they get to experience this miracle first hand. I’m also more than a little bit proud of Emma for going through this with such confidence and grace. I know it must be really difficult. I know that she wants to be as active as she is ordinarily and I know that she is living for that day when she can hold our baby in her arms but she has been great throughout the entire pregnancy.

We are very fortunate to have great friends and family around us so when the time comes we have no shortage of numbers to call. Emma’s not all that comfortable with me driving her over to the hospital when she’s in labour and I’m sure a few of you are going to take her side so it’s quite handy that we have a lot of people around to are very eager to help. Having people around is also great as it has meant we have more than enough places to store all the paraphernalia needed for the average baby. I think we have everything that we need now. Buggy, baby monitor, swing chair thing, clothes, baby furniture, more clothes, bottles, more clothes, a Moses basket and a baby carrier. That’s only what I can think of off the top of my head.

So there you have it. We’re almost there. I’ll have another post shortly.