Emma thinks it’s mean that I write this but I think it would be mean to deprive the rest of the world of knowing about some of the things that she says. I call her language Emmish. It has to be a language because it’s rarely English!

Take this morning for example. I wasn’t entirely sure what she was trying to say and for that matter, I’m not sure if she knew what she was trying to say either.

You can’t not get the bus from here.

After a few moments of deliberation, she translated this to partial English for my benefit. She’s very nice like that. 🙂
What she actually meant to say was:

You actually have to get the bus from here.

No. She didn’t say it like that either. However I’ve become quite good at translating from Emmish to English. She said:

Ah You know what I meant It was a double negative. Ya Have ta get the bus from here.

I’m only teasing her of course. In fairness to her, we have cycled over 40KM this weekend. We also got more suits fitted for the wedding, we booked the bridal car and we had a lot of other normal life things to do that usually get left until the weekend because we never have time to do them during the week. So, I won’t blame her for being a little tired today.