I probably have no readers left on this site at all and you know what? I don’t blame you at all. I haven’t been posting here because I’ve been very busy with other projects that seem to be running at the same time.

I thought I should write something to tell you a bit about what I’m doing. Today’s post will be about the music side of things. I’m playing with two lovely people who live in Dundalk. Andrew Grafton and his girlfriend Trudy Maguire. Their full time musicians who play every kind of music from rock to classical to jazz, to the blues. Trudy even sings in a quire and is an active participant in the Irish accordion association. Andrew is kept busy as he is probably one of the most talented videographers and sound engineers on the east coast. He’s also one of the nicest guitarists I’ve ever had the pleasure of playing music with.

About a year ago we began playing music together. I originally stood in for another musician as he was traveling quite a lot but as time moved on we began to get together more and more. About two months ago we finally settled on a name for the band on the way to the airport for the last of a string of gigs around St. Patrick’s Day. The name is Eitleán. This is Irish for Airplane. For those of you outside Ireland, this is pronounced etchelawn. Yes, it’s a funny way of thinking up a band name but it has stuck and it suits the nature of the band because we’re all messers when you get right down to it.

We have been working on a new CD for the past few months as well and we’re hoping that will be released very shortly. In anticipation of the launch and in an effort to raise awareness of the band we have been hitting social media networks. You may now find us on Facebook, Twitter, Sound cloud and our Eitleán website which is still in the process of being built.

This is the part where I ask you to get involved. Listen to our tracks on sound cloud, follow our twitter account and like our page on Facebook. Eitleán music is definitely here to stay and hopefully this is just the start of what is to come.

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