Day five and the iPhone apps just keep on coming. I’ve discussed password strength and security on this blog a few times over the past few years. I can’t over state this at all. If you don’t have strong passwords, it’s entirely your own fault if your security is compromised. I have no sympathy for people who use names, dates of birth, addresses and other easily identifiable passwords when they find that their credit card details are stolen or someone is impersonating them on a social network such as Twitter.

The problem of course is that after a while, all of these complicated passwords become impossible to remember. The average person should have a password for logging into their computer, a password for their Email and different passwords for every website or social network their a member. This probably adds up to a minimum of five passwords for the average computer user. It’s unfair and unrealistic to expect someone to remember all of these. That’s why password managers are so useful. Something like Keepass can be installed on your computer and provides for quite a secure method of storage for passwords. At most, you’ll need two passwords. One for KeePass and another for logging into your computer. Wow. How many times have I just written the word password?

The great thing about Keepass is that it allows you to store passwords on a dropbox account. This means that every computer you use can access the same encrypted password file therefore you can access the information easily without using pen drives or other methods to transfer the passwords around.

With the usage of Dropbox, you can even get access to your passwords from your phone. KyPass is a brilliant little iPhone app that brings Keepass off the computer. Simply download the app, within the settings, configure it to use your Dropbox account and it will do the rest.

Unfortunately Kypass only supports authentication using passwords whereas the desktop application KeePass supports windows authentication, certs and passwords separately or in conjunction for authentication. This is much more secure than a password alone but if access to your passwords is required on the road, the slight reduction in security may be something you can justify.

KyPass is €1.99 from the iTunes app store and it’s worth it if like me you use a lot of different passwords to secure your data and personal information