boot from USB on the Asus EEE box B202

Mar 27, 2011 | Technology, Windows | 9 comments

It’s actually very easy to boot from USB on the Asus EEE box B202 when you know how it’s done. When your trying to figure out though you would probably be forgiven for throwing the PC out a window in a very very tall building.

Firstly. Boot into the BIOS of your PC. Disable all boot devices excluding the hard drive.

Now reboot the PC with the USB drive attached. As the PC starts continually press the F8 key to start the boot menu.

Select your prefered USB device.

Note this shouldn’t need to be done. Under the boot tab there is a menu labeled mass storage devices. In here it shows the card reader as well as your USB key. You can then select the primary USB device for selection in the boot order screen. The problem is that in my experience when you selected the primary USB device to be anything other than the card reader the hard disk would intermittently become unavailable in the boot preferences screen. I can only deduct that this is a bug somewhere in the BIOS but either way it’s very frustrating.

I hope this helps.


  1. ben deko

    Can’t believe this was the only thing I was doing wrong, what a weird glitch. Made 4 different bootable thumb drives thinking that I was doing it wrong…

  2. nonya bitness

    ahhh…but how do I boot into bios? I have tried just about every key combination in my quiver…yet fail…. I can choose USB (F8)…but it just gets dark and hangs…

  3. Ramon Raincastle

    Ohhhh… I had a feeling it had to be something like that… I have an Asus laptop and mom has an Acer which has a similar option. Also: I currently have no internet at the location the b202 is at, so have to resume installation tomorrow… Thanks, appreciated!! 🙂

  4. Peter

    Just what I needed !
    Works like a charm.
    Many thanks.
    Yoe’re great!

  5. andrew

    OMG. thank you very much for sharing this. I could not for the life of my get it to boot from usb.

  6. Paul

    excellent simple fix

  7. Tom

    I can’t thank you enough for sharing this info. This is still relevant in early 2018 for my just-purchased ASUS E410 PC. There are no instructions from ASUS whatsoever that replicate what you share here.

    Again, thanks!!

  8. Dave

    AAAAAAAAARGH thank you!

  9. Isaac Rabinovitch

    Many thanks.


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