Do you really think that the election in this country will make any difference?


It’s just laughable.

Ok. I’ll explain it again. The politicians we have elected and the ministers that run our departments have no experience in general of the area they have been instructed to run. This isn’t their fault necessarily. They openly depend on consultation from people who should know about the area that they manage.
Now, look at the consultants. Most of these are civil servants. The majority of civil servants are taken in and given a limited amount of training to ensure they can do the job that they’ve been instructed to do.
These people are doing the best job they can. Ordinarily, from what I am aware, they have very little interest if any at all in the area they are working in.

Do you see the problem yet?

The people who are being advised are the ministers. They don’t necessarily have any experience or interest in the area they are representing.
The people who are advising the ministers are the civil servants. They are basically in the same boat. They have a few advantages in terms of the training they have been given but compared to the people who have studied these areas they are amateurs.

There are consultants who advise civil servants. These generally provide very technical and complex recommendations to people who with no disrespect intended at all, have really no idea what impact the recommendations will have. They heavily rely on the integrity, ability and impartiality of the consultants.

This doesn’t mean that I have anything against the consultants either.

No one part of this is the problem.

The entire thing is what’s wrong. There are so many layers of consultancy and committees that the people who we hold accountable and responsible are actually far from it. Now, don’t get me wrong. They are not far from the problem but for the purpose of this point, they’re not the people we should be aiming to remove.

Keep fianna fail in power. Keep anyone you want in power. But first, before you start marching to get the current bunch of wasters out, march to demand complete reform. The system we have is completely broken beyond repair. I’ve blogged about this before so I shouldn’t continue.