I knew the remote control module in SCCM was very handy but I didn’t really bother with it until this morning. Mainly because I do very little with desktops now as I’m focused on the server and service side of things.

I decided to have a quick look this morning though and my findings are a little frustrating.

Firstly, There’s a full screen option in the view menu that doesn’t really do anything. I think it’s simply there in case you want to use remote desktop as the window is likely the same. This means that when using the native SCCM remote control module it doesn’t pass the windows key through to the remote system. This is always a pet peeve of mine. I hate it when I’m connected to a remote system and keys are passed through to my local machine. Using full screen view usually gets around this as options can be set that will specify that all keys should be passed through within this view.

The second thing is that i don’t know why it’s not a standard RDP connection. This really gets on my nerves as if it was RDP then Jaws or most other screen readers that support remote desktop would then be able to read what was on the local box. It would also give more configurable options. Such as sending remote audio to the local machine etc.

It’s probably about as useful as VNC. This will be great for most people but for me it’s very very frustrating.