Pictures from the Irish Blog Awards 2010.

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The theme of this year’s Irish Blog awards was the death of blogging. This continues on from reports in the media and even bloggers who have blogged their last that the medium is dead.

There’s a video that explains all of this. News flash. Blogging is dead.

Every year, there’s a theme. Last year it was something to do with a wedding. Who knows what next years will be.

Thanks To Emma for taking these pictures and allowing me to use them on my blog.

Let me just say a huge thanks to Damien Mulley for organizing this event every year. He does a fantastic job and it’s easy to see that he puts a lot of work and time into it. There were a lot of people I had never heard of there this year but as Twenty Major says, new people are what makes it interesting and are what drives blogging on for the next five years of blog awards. Well, he didn’t say that exactly, but it’s it in a knutshell. I met people there on Saturday who are very interesting and I’m going to enjoy reading their blogs over the next year.

A table covered in cloth with candles on each end.  It's like an alter.

A Funeral procession down toward the stage. their holding white lillies and the coffin.

The funeral procession has reached the stage.

The Irish Blog awards Coffin standing up right with lillies around it.

Rick and Damien are bowing with respect to the coffin

The Coffin is surrounded in fog generated by a smoke machine. the words written on the top of the coffin are: RIP IBA

This tomb says RIP Irish Blog awards and has pictures of blogs that have finished. I.e, blogs that have passed away.

I'm pointing out that the word passed was miss-spelled as past. thanks to @HeadRambles for the tweet bringing that to everyones attention! I should say, he wasn't even there!

I’m beside the coffin I think it said something like retweet. but I’m sorry. the description I was given wasn’t very …. well, descriptive? so I cant describe it to you in turn. sorry!” />

I swiped an award temporarily.  I'm holding it up here.

A group shot of all the winners of the Irish Blog awards 2010.

A picture of the famus Darragh Doyle and my self

A blog award wouldn't be complete without at least one picture with the Chris D's bare.  this is a story that you'll just have to read about on his blog

A poster showing all the sponsers of the Irish Blog Awards for 2010.

This shoes Rick O'Shay standing on stage. Well done to him again for doing a fantastic job as MC.

What's this all about? There is someone kissing Darragh Doyle's head! I know things are a bit weird at the Irish Blog Awards but this is definitly mad!

Looking down from the Gallary to the crowd. This was taken quite late at night when things were a bit crazy.

Oh, I forgot to put this in the first time around.

Freddie is spralled out on the floor under my chair. There's a pint glass between his legs.  He looks completely zoned out like he's been drinking for the entire day. I hear the picture looks funny.


  1. Marie

    Great pics Darragh. I now realise that I saw you there on Saturday but didn’t realise it was you 🙂


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