Do you ever hear music that is so damn fantastic, you actually shiver while listening to it? Some stuff is just so good that it feels like I’ve just been dipped into a bath of ice cubes.

I have had to ask Emma, my girlfriend to change deodorant as she’s started using one that my sister used when she was younger. I didn’t like the smell then and I still don’t like it now. Plus, From a person who really judges certain things from smell it was very very off putting.

The Friday before last, I got so drunk, I’m almost afraid to drink too much again as although the hang over was mild in comparason to some, I did things that were not in character for me while out. I was almost afraid to return to the same pub this Friday. Fortunately nothing was said though!

I’m listening to a CD at the moment from a group called Tripwire. I’m loving the different rhythms. Not exactly traditional. It’s more galithian sounding.

I haven’t gone to a live gig in ages. I’m too busy playing music. I’m hoping to get a few gigs in around Christmas. There’s a few groups coming to Dublin and Drogheda that i’d love to see.

I’m doing a lot with media center stuff at the moment. basically, i@m connecting all the media in the house. From music to movies to pictures, it’s all beginning to be accessible from any room at any time. And it’s all working with my screen reader. I’ll post in more detail about this again shortly.

That concludes my random thought’s for today. Most of these are posted regularly on twitter. You’ll find the twitter feed on the left of this page. You can follow me at the username digitaldarragh

Have fun.