I’m very fortunate to have a guest blogger here this morning. Where I talk about functionality, usability and accessibility, she will talk about the visual and let’s face it, the more popular side of windows 7.

I now hand you over to my much better half: Emma Jane Murphy!

From the start, Windows 7 runs much faster. The installation took less than half an hour.

I like that they got rid of the egg timer! The little circle that started with Vista is much nicer to look at. I’ve spent far too many years looking at the egg timer. Maybe I just have a complex after looking at that damn egg timer at this stage.

The start menu is cool! You don’t have to thrall through to find anything. In XP I have far too many items in my programs menu. Windows 7 makes it really easy to find everything.

I’m really loving the new themes. I like that you can create your own themes but I haven’t really played around with that as of yet. The built in themes include themes, landscapes, architecture, nature, and the standard Windows 7 one. I can’t remember the rest. If you like you can configure it to change your wall paper ever thirty minutes. They change the task bar colour and even the sounds for each time. It all helps to give you just that little bit more individualization.

Aero is really cool! I don’t remember how to get flip 3D to work. Darragh told me how to do it but I don’t remember how. But when you change the through the windows using the normal way using Alt tab, you don’t just see the program name, you see a picture of what is running in that program at the moment. So, in Internet explorer, you see a small version of the page that is running in that window.

It does have the usual windows games built in. Minesweeper, solatar but they’ve also included a game for children called Purple place which I think they also include in Vista.

We did have a little trouble installing a game onto the system last night. I’m not sure if it was a compatibility issue or just Windows 7 being stubborn. But after a bit of perseverance that included taking the CD out and putting it back in again, it worked in the end.

The graphics are great but I’ve been killed too many times and I’m getting thick with it. I can’t get past the first part. But that’s not Windows 7’s fault.

Am I rambling too much?

From what I can see, Internet explorer 7 and 8 are pretty much the same. In saying that, I’m only coming at it from a browsers perspective. Though, I do need to get that little screen I have in Windows 7 that shows me a picture of my most frequent browsings. I’m not sure how I got that to come up but it’s a really cool feature.

All in all, I’m liking Windows 7 and I can’t wait to use it more. Darragh may have to drag me away from the computer.. For a change.