Vegan week – Day 1

To the Vegans:
Please don’t think that I am belittling or disrespecting your choice if you are a Vegan. If anything, my exploration of one aspect of your lifestyle is a sign of admiration for the choice you have made.

Here goes. Day one. It started like all days. Up at 6:40AM, Grab a cup of coffee and a bowl of Weetabix before jumping into the shower, shaving and running out the door. However, today I couldn’t have dairy so instead had Coconut milk. First impressions are that it’s actually not that bad.

Dinner was a vegetable biriyani. Rice, a truck load of vegetables that I never eat and some kind of sauce.

At this point I need to credit Emma. She’s doing all the hard work in preparing these recipes.

Dinner was lovely. The vegetables and no meat made for an unusual texture but the taste was fantastic. There were a few vegetables in there that I wouldn’t really like but you really need to understand that from a very early age I have had a loathsome relationship with vegetables. I hate the things with a passion. A small bit of a carrot on my plate is enough and only very rarely. That’s one of the reasons I’ve taken on this challenge. I except that I need to change so this will force me in the right direction.

Dinner can be found here.

Tea was a vegetable burger. It’s a recipe written by Jamey Oliver. Not the nicest thing I’ve ever eaten by a long shot. The description suggests using sauce and after trying the burger without the sauce I fully understand why that’s a suggestion. Ordinarily I never use sauce. I think it’s almost disrespectful to the cook. It’s basically saying that you need to hide the flavour of what has been cooked by using an over powering sauce. That’s probably what is needed with this burger but it wasn’t bad with a small bit of sauce so that will be tried again later in the week. There are still two there so we’ve put them into the fridge for Wednesday night.

That’s it. Short and to the point. Today was the first day of my week long challenge. It wasn’t half as bad as I thought it would.

the burgers can be found here.



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3 Responses to Vegan week – Day 1

  1. I will be interested Digital to see if you change your attitude to vegetables by the end of the week. Its one thing to know that they are good for you cause like everyone says it and well, I am the same as you when it comes to them, but I don’t think that I could just make myself like things either just cause they are good for me. Fair play though and I am interested to keep reading these updates.

  2. Wow man.
    While I myself like meat I have had a trip or 2 where they served veges, and little meat, and while I do eventually want it again, I could live on holiday for a couple weeks with no meat at all or at least for the main meals.
    Some indian stuff is vege only and that stuff can be good as well as turkish and ome japanese stuff just be aware of the super hot sauce and don’t do as my mum found out, have 2 hot sauces at once its bad for business.
    You mentioned coconut milk I have had coconut water and not cared for it that much, how since my family are half from holland and indonesia, we eat a lot of the less europian food and while I like my steak as much as any man, we tend to eat a lot more things, coconut milk is featured in our cooking as well as a lot of chilly.
    I havn’t had coconut milk straight I have however at expence had coconut icecream made with coconut milk and yeah I could get used to it ofcause it cost a lot but yeah I could eat that.
    I have had coconut yogart before or whatever its spelt and its not that bad, however a small snack pot does cost some.
    The best vege stuff I have had are caisian/ corrian iceblocks where the actual fruit is frozen.
    so for a buck I can get a stick of frozen coconut matting and its not to bad.
    I have had an apple crumble totally coconut based with coconut topping and that is ofcause not to bad either but it does cost more than regular.
    As a challenge you should try to eat a 90% organic lindt chocolate bar.
    I managed to have that, and liked it though my stomach didn’t as it was quite strong, my dad couldn’t even eat his and he eats anything sweet.
    My mum could eat it with coffee strong coffee, and my brother ate it no trouble.
    My only gripe as with all food which is better for you than its sugary counterpart, is it costs more, you get more for your buck but still a 3 dollar standard bar compaired to a 5 dollar organic bar well.
    Another thing you should try eating is a pack of chocolate coffee beans, I like those but I have had to break from them as I like to eat them to much and have made myself sick of them for a bit.

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