It has really struck me lately how much the timeline of events has a profound impact on life.  I know. That sounds absolutely stupid so let me explain.

For example: Do I go left or right today.  I’ll go left.  Two hours later you hear that there’s been a crash on the road to the right and you would have been in the middle of it.

I know these things are absolutely obvious but for some reason over the past four days my life has been like a line of dominos.  Things falling in or out of place like there was a real master plan behind them. If things that happened in the past day or two had happened about two months ago, my life would have profoundly changed direction.  Maybe for the better, maybe not! Who knows!

I’m currently on a cliff facing the wrong direction with my head covered in a big thick hood. Things will happen very soon that are going to plunge me off that cliff backward.

I can’t say what they are. Their both personal and professional.  There’s no point speculating, your guesses will be wrong.

If it was not for the very specific sequence of events and the time they took place that led me to this situation today I would be overwhelmingly afraid.  It is the strange way that fate has conspired to bring me to this moment that has assured me without any shadow of a doubt that although I’m falling without a safety net, the landing will be as smooth as it can be.

I’m not a religious person.  I have major reservations when it comes to the belief in a god however; it really brings the old saying to mind “God moves in mysterious ways”.

I’m not in a particularly contemplative mood and I could hardly say that I’ve had any kind of sudden realization. It just seems strange that the cards fell in this order.  At certain times, I didn’t think that I wanted this order, but I’m more than happy with it now.