Being blind isn’t so bad. It’s being stupid that’s really hard to live with.

My stag was last weekend. For my American readers, a stag is something similar to a bachelor party. Except it’s a bit crazier for one very simple reason. It’s Irish.

A few friends and I went down to Galway for it. You can read more about the whole thing on our wedding website under the news page. There’s also a very funny video on that site as well showing me playing the pipes while also having a pint fed to me at the same time. Let me tell you! It’s not an easy thing to do!

Anyway, as you might imagine, Quite a lot of alcohol was consumed on the night so on Sunday morning, I was feeling about as sick as a small hospital.

With Emma’s help I had put together what I nicknamed the stag-bag. This was an assortment of provisions that I might need during or after the stag. For example, bandages because when playing the bodhran for a long time the stick cuts into my fingers. I also had medication for the day after as well. In fact, it was the medication for the day after that was most important. For example, something for my stomach and my head. What can I say! Hang overs are absolutely terrible but their torture when you have to travel for two and a half hours on a train. I was determined to be prepared for it.

I started to come down with a cold on Friday so Emma suggested in passing that I might want a Lempsip at some stage. Knowing me she probably added that she was putting this lempsip into the bag but I probably didn’t hear that. So I went down to Galway thinking that my stag bag had everything in there that I needed to recover on Sunday morning.

Sunday morning came and I felt as bad as I expected. I made it to the bathroom and tipped out the first packet of health improving concoction I could put my hands on into a small glass of water. I assumed it was the stomach stuff and that it would taste absolutely horrible so I only put a small amount of water into the glass to ensure that I didn’t have to drink any more of the vile stuff than I absolutely had to. I lurched back to the bed with glass in hand and sat down to drink. A few mouth fulls later I had consumed the entire thing. It was a bit powdery and very strong but I assumed that it would be worth it soon enough.

Sure enough, I actually began to feel a bit better after a while so I decided to fix the rest of my ailments by taking just one of the head ache tablets. Again, their dissolvable so I through one into a glass, had a shower to let it mix in well and downed the lot in as few mouth fulls as I could possibly manage. I actually felt reasonably well at this stage and in fact I even commented to Nicky, my best man that I thought I was coming down with a cold but it seemed to be gone so after a while I went down for a bit of breakfast. It smelled fantastic but there was just no way I could eat enough of it.

I know your already guessing what’s happened. Yes! Your right! Didn’t I put the Lempsip into cold water and think it was stuff for my stomach!

Let me explain. Lempsip is a medicin for colds. It dissolves in water but it works with hot water. It’s not designed to be drunk in cold water. Compounded by the fact I also put it in a tiny amount of water just made it worse! Is it any wonder I felt absolutely vile for the morning drinking extra strengh lempsip!.

When I finally realized the mistake I made today when telling Emma about the strange stomach medication that she gave me she had to leave the room because she was laughing at me so much.

Sometimes being Blind is actually a pain in the bum.

6 Responses to Being blind isn’t so bad. It’s being stupid that’s really hard to live with.

  1. What another great blog post that been a fello blindy I can totally concur with in this sighted world that we have to adapt too!

  2. Haha hilarious!

  3. Ya silly twat. Tell the truth. You knew all along that you were just too drunk so that is why you used the cold water. I’m surprised it all didn’t come back up again hahaha. Seriously, a great night was had and I was only feeling back to normal on Tuesday after it all. Role on the 31st of December.

  4. Haha you big clown! You had to have been still drunk, not to notice the strong lemonny smell.. You probably should have brought the full box of lemsips, they have braille on them!
    Will think of that every time I take one now.

  5. Jennifer, when his lovely girlfriend spoils him and packs his bag in future she might remember that then. 🙂 I am still smiling horse thinking about it I have to say. What is even funnier is that at the time you didn’t even react to it at all. If you haven’t seen the video on the wedding site guys you should. Blind people won’t appreciate it. Ya just had to be there. As a former piper, playing and trying to drink a pint at the same time is not something easy to do.

  6. My girlfriend is indeed very lovely however she didn’t pack my bag for me. She just …. added things into it when I was done. )

    I didn’t actually notice that I had poored the wrong stuff in until I was talking to Emma about it on Tuesday. I agree though. It was very funny!