The stages of life.

This was up on the bedroom wall of my grannys granny. Her name was Margaret Cooney. On the death of Margaret Cooney, my great great granny, the picture was disposed of or destroyed unfortunately but my granny, Maeve Healy still remembers it now.

She recalled that the words were very ornate. The writing was very nicely styled and the color of the first letter of the first word on each line was different.

When she told me of this I thought it would be nice to put it up here.

The Stages of Life

Ten years of age,
This happy boy,
His days are bright,
And full of joy.

At Twenty years,
A lover fair,
Without a tear,
Without a care.

At Thirty years,
He is said to be,
A man of happy family.

At Forty years
His laurels won,
He fears no man
But says well done.

At Fifty,
He stands still at last,
And views the future
And the past.

At sixty years
The sages say
He starts to go
The downward way.

At Seventy years
With cane in hand,
A grey-haired man
He walks the land

At Eighty,
Feeble, bent and lame,
Life soon will leave his crumbling frame

At Ninety years
All racked with pain
Life soon will leave
His crumbling frame.

And when a Hundred
Years have passed,
He prays to God
And breath’s his last,

One Response to The stages of life.

  1. That was a nice poem and reminds you not to wish your life away. Xx.