I’m marrying a temporal expert.

Who’d have thunk it!

Emma is actually an expert in temporal definitions. The rest of the world measure time in micro seconds, nano seconds, seconds, minutes, hours, days, weeks, months, years etc. However, Emma has decided to add another method to measure time units. It is known as a Smeh. This is an undetermined period of time that falls between a few seconds and one minute.

Yes. She was half a sleep at the time, yes she’s a sleep beside me on the bus at the moment and yes. She’s possibly going to kill me when she reads this. With any luck she’ll be in work at the time so I’ll have a head start when running away.

If this is the last blog post I ever write I expect you, my loyal readers to avenge my death.

One Response to I’m marrying a temporal expert.

  1. Your a brave man! 😉