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  1. Jenny
    21 June 2012

    Your cane finally broke!! 🙂
    I despise the noise of a cane too. I’d love that one if it detects overhead obstacles. OJ is terrible at it and there’s a bush that loves to soak my face on the way to work if I don’t remember about it and tell him to slow down slightly.


    • Nicky
      21 June 2012

      Hi there, the first thing that jumps out at me is the cost. I don’t care how good it has the potential to be. Its far too much money for me to even think of spending on such a device. From also looking at yours I am not sure about recognising the different vibrations and also consentrating on what I am doing. I think that I would much prefer to use a normal cane and detect obstacles together with a GPS device. Now, a dog will always be my first preference but your normal standard cane will do me apart from that. That said, I did like your mini-guide. I liked the way it omitted different tones depending on what type of obstacle you were coming up too.


  2. DigitalDarragh
    21 June 2012

    Nicky, I agree with you about theK-Sonar. It’s something I really miss. Unfortunately, DD Aware sold me a universal charger with the Sonar and the voltage was just a slight big higher than the battery could tolerate. They have agreed to take it back but I am not sure if I am happy with the construction of the unit so haven’t been too bothered about sending it yet. For example, did you know the battery is salvaged from an Old Nokia 3310? I bought a replacement for €10 on EBay. The fuse cost me €1 again on eBay. Unfortunately, the damage caused by the charger caused damage to the main board of the device so I am unable to find parts for it. It just strikes me that a device with only one specialized component should not cost €600. At least the UltraCane has had a little more thought put into it from what I can gather. The damage caused by the universal charger was cumulative. In other words, the more I used it the more damage was caused.

    Don’t discredit the UltraCane as being a distraction without giving it a fair go. The designers of the device say that the vibrations require a minimum of concentration after a while. I haven’t reached this level of automatic recognition yet but it seems possible.

    Jen, having the comfort of a device that should detect objects at head height is very nice. I would however like to see the vibrating pad placed in a better location because if something is detected at head height you will most likely want to stop right away. The current location of the vibration for objects at head height seems to indicate that the designer didn’t feel that it was as high a priority.


  3. J Graham
    22 June 2012

    They don’t still make the mini guide do they? A lady in England was telling me about hers.
    I have a guide dog now and she aint too hot at walking me around things like large wing mirrors of lorrys and vans. head height things are a nightmare! the drivers should fold their mirrors in.. Wet bushes too, I complained just loud enough for my neighbour to hear about bushes needing to be cut back and a week later they were gone! I was told to contact the council about things like this. if the property owners won’t cut them back then the council will. they went a bit far though once when mothers with prams complained about trees needing to be cut back and they dug the really old beautiful trees out by the roots. Oops!
    are there other small hand held devices I could use along with my guide dog? or in the pub which is impossible at time to get through for stools and so on in the way.


  4. Stuart
    28 September 2013

    You can buy the miniguide in the UK from the RNIB. As I write, the price is showing as £249.99 excluding VAT.


  5. somi
    28 September 2015

    Hi,please Can you tell me what is the material made of ultracane ?
    For university project Want
    please,helpe me


    • digitaldarragh
      28 September 2015

      The body is Aliminium. The tip is a type of plastic and the handle is also light plastic. Unlike most canes, there is no rubber grip on the handle.
      I hope this helps.


  6. somi
    18 October 2015

    Hello, Please tell me your Ultracane & Smartrcane standards:
    Ultracane standards and Smartcane analysis for a project university.I wanted to help me, what are the standards?


  7. Sandy
    23 November 2016

    sandratomkins@googlemail.com SandyThere!
    I just attached my BuzzClip to the handle of my “normal” long cane. Now, the BuzzClip only has one sensor, but, when attached to the cane, you can feel the vibration through the handle anywhere. So, you can use the cane as normally. The vibrations are good and strong. I have only played with it a little, but discovered that it worked great for finding the end of walls and obstacles. Possibly, a comprimise, but, given the price, approx 130 Euros, worth investigating. Plus, I think it is meant to be fairly waterproof!

    Food for thought, Sandy.


  8. Craig Slater
    4 May 2017

    hi, I have just bought an Ultra Cane and really like it. I like the fact that it can detect obstacles in front of the user and also at chest or head hight at the same time. I don’t know if this is the case, but I believe that the handle has been modified slightly since this review was written. I tried out the orriginal Ultra Cane when it was released and didn’t like it. It was too heavy and bulky and the tiniest drop of rain would stop it from working. When I received my cane yesterday, Julie from Sound for Sight told me that they have changed the mesh on the sensors so that it is now waterproof. As a result of this, a cover is no longer supplied. also, The handle doesn’t seemm to be that heavy. I don’t know if changes have been made since 2012, but the handle is extremely light compared to the handle on the orriginal Ultra Cane.


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