Sleep deprived.

Thank you for calling, your query is important.
I am sorry but the office is closed.
Brain has been over worked and is unable to operate normally.
Please leave your message and it will be responded to at a later date.

Try this: Sunday I do a gig. I arrive home at 1AM. 6AM the alarm goes off and I’m in the office by 10 to 8. I work for the day but I stay a few hours longer because I need to be in Dublin for 8PM for another gig. I leave the office at 7PM and make my way to the venue. We set up and perform for two hours. I finally return home at 11:30PM. At 12AM I finally get to bed. At 6AM, the alarm goes off and the process starts all over again.

I’m sure you can therefore excuse me if I’m a little more sluggish than usual today. I just don’t seem to be able to focus on anything for a decent amount of time at all.

It will pass… But, while I’m waiting, I’m trying to continue to work. This is not going well. I’m making stupid mistakes.

This morning I tried to configure a few simple firewall rules. I added the port, the IP address and saved it. For some reason, it wouldn’t work! I looked at the confer files for the system. Everything looked fine! I checked the systems firewall. It was allowing the traffic. I checked to make sure that the services weren’t listening for specific address. No, everything was fine there as well. I checked the certs to make sure they were associated with the right domain. Again, all was fine. I ran port scans inside and outside the network, the ports looked open inside the network but they were closed from the Internet. I rebooted the firewall. Still nothing! I rebooted the server. Still nothing! I searched around the Internet for a solution. For some reason no one else was having the same problem. Finally, I looked at the firewall rule again. I had entered the wrong IP address! Fine. I’m an idiot. These things happen. Saved the rule again, ran a port scan, it still didn’t work. The port as still closed. I just couldn’t’ figure this out at all! I tried moving the service to a different port in case there was a conflict. No, it just wouldn’t work.
You know what the problem was? It’s so simple you’ll agree that I’m completely stupid. Yes, I didn’t enable the rule. I kept looking at it and missing the fact that the checkbox for enabled was unchecked. Stupid stupid stupid stupid!

So, please excuse me if I’m a little slow today. I’m blaming it on the lack of sleep and the very busy days.