Losing it.

I write dozens in fact, probably hundreds of mail messages every day.

Responding to escalations, contacting third parties, writing quick updates to projects or tasks I’m working on, answering or asking questions and even just sending the occasional personal one, I really do spend a lot of time just writing to people.

People ask me how I type so fast. It’s because from when I sit at my desk at 9AM until I leave at 5PM, my fingers simply never stop moving. I’m quite surprised that I don’t have some kind of Repetitive strain injury (RSI). If my fingers ever get damaged I’ll be completely screwed. Not only do I depend on them for work, I depend on them for music as well!

Fortunately, it wasn’t my fingers that gave out on me this morning. It was my brain.

I had just enjoyed a very nice cup of coffee and I was responding to an escalation. It was one of those very simple things. Check that system to make sure nothing has gone wrong with someone’s profile. It was a two second job. I opened up the response and typed out the usual explanation as to why the person’s access was likely broken. As I try to do all the time, I had a quick read back over it to make sure there weren’t any crazy errors. I can only say that I was stunned. If my 5 year old niece had written such a badly formulated message with so many grammar mistakes I would have been shocked. I am amazed I could write such rubbish! It seriously made no sense. What’s worse is when I tried to think of the correct words for the response they just wouldn’t come! I had to delete the entire message and start again. What would take me seconds to write took me five minutes because I had to be very careful with every single sentence.

That’s just not right!

Fortunately my brain has begun working again but I don’t like that feeling at all.

Maybe it’s just because I’m tired. Regardless, it’s not allowed to happen again. Got it?