getting The Dell 5530 HSPA module working in Windows 7 X64

I recently had to completely reinstall Windows 7 on this Latitude E6400 laptop. I had been putting it off for weeks as getting drivers for a version of Windows that did not come with a laptop can be a little time consuming. This can be even worse when you’ve added hardware into the machine as well.

I have added a Dell 5530 HSPA 3G modem into this laptop. The component cost me no more than $25 about two years ago and with a cheap data plan by a local operator in Ireland it ensures that I have reliable and fast Internet access no matter where I am. It’s particularly useful considering I spend a lot of time during the week commuting for work.

Getting this component working in Windows 7 is quite easy but you need to know what your looking for.

You will firstly need to install the DELL_WIRELESS-5530-HSPA-MINI_A07_R220899 driver.

Note the number at that end of that file name has to end in 99. There’s a package ending in 77 on the Dell website somewhere but although the description might seem similar the file ending with 99 is the only one that could be used on this machine.

Once the driver has been installed and you have rebooted the laptop you will need some software to allow you to connect to your Internet Service Provider over your 3G network. Download the Dell wireless manager (R207067) software.

Again, once you know what to look for this two step process is very straight forward.

As a side note, if you are using the Dell wireless manager with a screen reader you will find that the main window is not particularly easy to read. It is more efficient to therefore configure the software to connect at start up. This means that by launching the dell wireless manager a connection will automatically be established within a few seconds without any further intervention.

To do this follow the below instructions:

  1. Launch the Wireless manager
  2. Use your mouse cursor / Jaws cursor / Window eyes cursor / review cursor to find the view menu. Left click on this to open it.
  3. Arrow down to settings.
  4. Down arrow to general.
  5. Tab across to connect at start up.
  6. Check this box then tab to the ok button and press enter.

One Response to getting The Dell 5530 HSPA module working in Windows 7 X64

  1. Hi,

    Sorry, but both links in the article are broken. I would like to do similar on a Dell XFR. Can you confirm this gives a fast 3G connection and means the connection is stable (i.e. if you connect, it stays on until you disconnect or turn the machine off)?

    Thanks, James