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  1. Jenny
    4 April 2011

    The photography shop bit made me laugh!

    Great post and very well described.


  2. Elly Parker
    4 April 2011

    I didn’t expect you to write something so detailed so quickly, but this answers a lot of my questions! I have a very logical brain and I like to know how everything works, so I often wondered when I met you with Freddie / Ike, but didn’t like to pose these questions when on a night out. Thank you!


  3. johandré
    14 February 2015

    Thank you very much for the post. I’m waiting to be notified for training for my first guide dog at the South African guide dog associations training centre. This is a very good post as it described lots of the approaches to navigation in unknown spaces that I’ve been wondering about. Hope you’re doing well. Thanks again for the post.



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