Ike, your getting on my nerves.

HELP! What would you do?

I have had Ike home now since the 30th of January.

Since class started on the 12th of January I have encountered issues with his spending routine. He intermittently but persistently relieves himself while working.

Imagine the following: Your working in a job that requires you to regularly walk to other offices and other buildings. You get half way to one of these buildings when your dog suddenly needs to relieve himself. You want to of course get him to a grassy area but the nearest one is five minutes away and when he starts showing these signs five minutes is just a little too far away. You try desperately to get there in time. Sometimes you make it, sometimes you don’t. When you don’t you need to listen to the disgruntled people walk by giving out and complaining that your dog has just messed the foot path. If you do make it, you still have to continue on your way to or from the job you were doing. The result is that a half an hour job now takes 45 minutes or more. This results in quite a substantial decrease in availability from a manager’s perspective.

Now imagine something else. You’re with a group of friends. You’re on the way to a pub when your dog needs to relieve himself again. You make it to a grassy area but you are holding everyone else up while your dog finds a suitable place to relieve himself.

Imagine you’re with a few people from upper management and your dog does the same?

Imagine your just getting to know people when your dog shits right in front of one of them as their walking?

Imagine the comments from people who say: “Wow. Your last dog didn’t do that”.

Imagine the constant struggle of trying to get your dog to relieve himself on a schedule that really should be perfectly suitable for him. Imagine spending 45 minutes in Stephens green in the afternoon giving the command over and over again.

Imagine not ever getting frustrated, annoyed or stressed about this.

I don’t have to imagine. I have to do it every fucken day. I have stood there at Stephens green using a voice you’d only use when talking to a small child walking up and down the grass area that he uses in desprit hopes of him spending. He does it eventually and if he doesn’t, I have no choice but to stay there until it happens because if I don’t I know that he won’t last the afternoon.

I have been late for work because in the mornings he just stands there looking at me. I have to run with him around the yard before he feels the need to go yet if I don’t make sure he spends he will need to relieve himself less than five minutes after we leave the house. I can’t explain how frustrating it is to spent twenty minutes trying to get Ike to spend but failing then after five minutes working he needs to go.

I have stayed calm, positive, friendly, patient and understanding for three months now but I have reached the end.

I can’t do this anymore.

The staff in the guide dog centre have been great. I can’t fault them. They have today suggested that I change Ike’s food to see if that helps. I’ve been asked to give it another month before doing anything else after changing the food.

I think I’ll try this. One more month. Hopefully within that time things will improve.

Ike’s work is fantastic. If it wasn’t I wouldn’t be so bothered by this. I am willing to do anything and everything it takes to make this right. I could say that Ike isn’t suitable for me because of this issue but what then? Go back to the Cain/ No! Thanks but no! I couldn’t do that again. I have no other choice but to find a solution to this.

One Response to Ike, your getting on my nerves.

  1. Darragh i’m sorry you’re still having problems with his spending. To be honest, this should be sorted by now. Not very pleasant at all.

    I hope the new food works though. I know it’s hard, but don’t give up-and if you are seeing no improvements, get on to kork straight away.

    Take care and hope it sorts itself out pritty quickly.