Pictures from the Irish Blog Awards 2011

I’ll write more about the blog awards tomorrow however for the moment, have a look at these pictures.

Damien Mulley and Rick O'Shay at podium. These are the two main men behind the blog awards.
The main men. Damien and Rick.
This shows Damien with the rest of the team that help to make the Irish Blog awards such a success.
Damien with the rest of the IBA team.
Damien with a specially made giant cupcake.
The Damien Cupcake.
Emma and Grannymar play the air guitar.
I don't think Emma would have gone up to the stage if she had known what she was going to be asked to do. Sounds like she had a great time with it though. 🙂
Darren Byrne robbing a cupcake from the tiers of cupcakes
It was nice to see a few of the regulars there too.
Grannymar gives Ike a  rub.  Ike's loving it.
Grannymar meets Ike.
Grannymar giving Ike a rub while he relaxes on the floor
Ike takes everything lieing down.

I have a few more pictures to add showing the lovely Uropa hotel in Belfast but it’s getting late and I have to be up in about 6 hours so I’ll hopefully do it on the way to workin the morning.

Thanks to everyone who was part of making the Irish Blog Awards yet another great one.

Oh. Thanks for all the direct messages, Emails and text messages. The thanks Freddie post unfortunately didn’t win. Again, more about that tomorrow.