Irish blog awards finalists.

My Thanks Freddie blog post has made it to the finalists of the Irish blog awards under the best post category. I’m seriously delighted to get that far. I origionally wrote the post for my own contomplation of the entire transition because I wanted to mark it in some way so I could look back to remember how hard the entire thing was but to also remember how much Freddie meant and still means to me. It was actually just an added bonus that others got to see the good and bad of having and retiring a guide dog.

After getting a few comments though my thinking changed. I now see that post as a testament to Freddie and the more people that read it the more will understand how fantastic freddie was. That post isn’t a reflection of my writing, my website or my blog. It’s a tribute to Freddie. Any good comment on that post is an acknowledgement of that in my view.

Thanks to the organizers of the Irish blog awards for spreading the awareness of the post around the country.

Of course, I couldn’t write this post without recognising and mentioning Ike.. He’s got pritty big shoes to fill but he’s doing a great job.